A Professional Horsemanship Apprenticeship
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"In the past, there were persons given charge of working with horses upon their being brought in from the pasture, when they were still completely with out training. these men were called Cavalcadours de Bardelle; they were chosen from among those with the greatest amount of patience, industry, spirit, and diligence, the perfection of these qualities being not so necessary in the work with horses that have all ready been ridden. They accustom young horses to being approached in the stable, to having their feet lifted up, to being touched with the hand, fitted with the bridle, the saddle, the girth, etc. They reassured them and made them easy to mount. They never used either sternness or force before they had tried the most gentle means at their disposal; and by this great patience they rendered a young horse familiar with and well-disposed to human beings, imparted to it courage and vigor, rendered it well behaved and obedient to the first lessons. If the conduct of these past lovers of horses were imitated today, there would be fewer horses crippled, ruined, intractable, stiff and vicious." Gueriniere 1733